Tales from the lonely road

Every entrepreneur, every dreamer, has a tale to tell; of toil and triumph, insight and intrigue! Many friends have shared their stories with me; inspirations, wacky experiences, heartbreaks, 'first cheque' stories... here they are, in first person. We have also dedicated a page for providing you links to sources of inspiration such as movies, books and blogs. Yes, we may not be able to fund every entrepreneur who talks to us; but, we'd love to bring inspiration to everyone!

We'd love to read, and share, your stories too... inspirational or entrepreneurial stories, and those about 'first cheques' that you received.

Videos on entrepreneurs who were “game-changers”

We are putting together a 13 part series beginning with the year 1900-1910 and ending with 2000-2010 under the title of “entrepreneur of the decade.

In each video we will profile dreamers who had the courage to implement their dreams and in the process change the way the world works. We hope their story will inspire all of us who dare to follow a path which is less “travelled”.

We hope you enjoy them and share it with people whom you care about.

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