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Whatever you are looking for, to fulfil your dream – funds, associates, guidance, or a mentor – I am looking for people like you. My self-made, street-smart associates and I dream of fostering entrepreneurship from the grassroots with a seed fund. What’s more, we’d love to inspire, motivate and support you.

Got a plan, or already started your venture, and looking for your 'first cheque' or external funding? Send your plan to No complex presentations or 10-page strategies; just answer these basic questions, in 5-10 sentences.

  1. What do you want to 'make'? (This can be a product or service.)
  2. How will you sell it?
  3. What is the benefit that it will offer to the person who uses it?
  4. What makes you think you can pull this off?

Don’t have a plan yet? Send your dream (what you want to create and why) to, in about five sentences.

If I see zest, and a promise, we will exchange mails, and meet for a chat. Soon, I could be your co-founder; giving you 'seed' capital between Rs five lakh to Rs 25 lakh, with mentoring and motivation. Hardly one per cent of companies worldwide raise capital at the ‘inception’ stage (mine was certainly not amongst them!). So come on, take the first step.

The saddest words in the English language are: “If I only had”. And, what's worse than a has-been is a “could-have-been”.

Just drop by when ‘nothing seems to be going right’ and I promise to put a smile on your face. Stop at my page, ‘Chequemate’, to see my blog ‘Dream big’. Or check out the constantly updated ‘Tales of inspiration’. Even if I can’t fund everyone, I'll make sure you are always motivated, with more and more inspirational stories and guidance. Inspiration could give you what no venture capital or angel investor can!

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