First off, I want you to know that I am not here to take over or run your business. I won't even tell you how to market your product, determine the price, analyse or identify the market. I have done this for the past 15 years and haven't I had enough!

I will invest in your business because I believe you have what it takes to be a winner. I am convinced that you have a great idea and the skills to execute it. Hey, you are an achiever and I respect that.

What I will do is provide you guidance (like a coach in a sporting field). And that does not mean I'll be watching your every step or contradicting your every decision. Ultimately, you are the captain and it is you who will run the whole show.

But what I would do is pass on to you the learning from the mistakes that we made; so that you would never make the same errors.

For my investments, I will take a stake in your company. The percentage would depend on the evolutionary course of the business, the strength of the founding team, the money required to be raised, and the path to profitability.

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