Now you might ask me what kind of a person I am seeking. Whose venture am I going to fund? Well, I am looking for someone who's bright-eyed, full of beans and dreams, and has the zest to push forward when the going gets rough.

It's not just your idea, but who you are as a person, that makes a difference. During our interaction, I want to know what makes you tick, your business zeal, selling abilities, etc. Because as an entrepreneur, you need to be your own coach, your own adviser at times, and definitely your own believer.

What's most important is your previous work experience because it is these situations that push you to becoming your own boss.

And yes, I hope you do not have huge expectations for personal expenditure; remember that whatever money you make is best directed towards running the venture. And since most entrepreneurial ventures have about as much of navigation and acceleration control, as a leaf on a waterfall, you have to be wise and patient to ride the tide.

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