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Have you always dreamt of starting your own business, with passion and zeal, with an idea that will stun the market? However, is the ‘first cheque’ to fund your entrepreneurship still a dream? Yes? READ ON! You’re JUST the person I am looking for!

Hi! I am Chequemate, and I love giving wings to entrepreneurs. A great idea – with sufficient and timely funding - can change the world. But, I know what it’s like to seek loans or seed capital from investors... and to be turned away, again and again.

I too had struggled to get the first cheque (investment) for a new business idea, over a decade ago. But I never gave up; my start-up business changed many lives, especially mine! I treasured this start-up phase; I got rich while having fun!

But, discouragement did often stare me in the face. Entrepreneurship dreams could wilt without that ‘first cheque’, from someone who believes in the dreamer. That’s why I’d like to know you better, and why my site is called myfirstcheque.

Yes, I’m ready to offer you YOUR FIRST CHEQUE – as seed capital investment for your start-up business venture.

As you say WOW and HOW in the same breath, just CLICK THE BLUE BUTTON... and take the first step towards your enterprise!


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